Against All Odds Animal ResQ


Frequently asked questions about our rescue: Against All Odds Animal ResQ.  

Why is there an adoption fee and why is it so high?    After all, aren't we just trying to get dogs a home?  How expensive can vaccinations be? 

The simple answer is, they ARE expensive, but that is the least of the costs incurred in rescue. Every dog that leaves AAO has been vaccinated, spayed or neutered, had a 3 year rabies, tested for heartworm and dewormed. Depending on long they are at our NO KILL rescue, they may have eaten hundreds of pounds of dog food.  Ask your vet what that costs. Plus,  for every dog that gets adopted, there are still 20 big and small mouths to feed twice a day.  Some of our dogs have found homes right away.Some take much longer.  That is why the more "desirable" dogs carry the cost of the care of the others.  Remember, they need food, dog housing which includes expensive fencing, water, health care when they are sick or injured. 

Some come to the rescue already in need of veterinarian care.  Would YOU want to be the one to tell that precious golden retriever that was shot you can't take him because it will cost too much?  And don't forget gas and vehicle for transporting dogs.  It is easy to think that "shots are the end of it, but they are just the beginning! It's a tough world for dogs that have outlived their usefulness in the eyes of breeders or uncaring owners.  Someone has to step up and be their caregivers till permanent homes are found.  That is what AGAINST ALL ODDS does and will continue to do with your support.



AAO requires a contract that states you are responsible for the animal, who your vet will be and the living situation. We don't do home inspections or require fenced yards.  But we do interview to see what you are looking for and if we have a  dog that is a good match.  We want the dog to love you as much as you love them.  Sometimes a dog is not a good match for you, for instance, a beagle that needs lots of exercise and bays living with a handicapped person in an apartment complex.  That would be a disaster.  So, we ask about you and what you are looking for in a pet. The more we know about you, the better the fit.    We try very hard to let you everything we know about their personality and disposition, training or lack of, and everything else we can think of to inform you of the prospective adoptee.   We often don't know much about the background of a dog.  Much can be learned by observing them and seeing their interaction with others.  If a dog lacks socialization, we try to work on that but the fact is, many of the dogs that come to us are not used to being around people and don't know how to be a dog.   Some folks are aware of what it takes with an introverted dog and will adopt them and work with that.  We take everything into consideration.  Adoptions must be returned to AAO if you cannot keep your pet FOR ANY REASON.  No refunds are issued but if you wish, we will find another pet that works for you.  We want permanent homes for our pets.  If you are looking to give a dog a warm, loving permanent home, you will have no problem adopting on of our rescues.