Against All Odds Animal ResQ


Who we are

Debb " The Dog Lady" Allen has been working for animals  to live a happy and comfortable life against all odds for over 20 years.  She works tirelessly to bring injured, discarded or dislocated dogs back to a life they deserve, one with people who love them and for whom they will be their "forever" pet. Her dedication has earned her a reputation that makes people who are desparate relieved to know their animals will find great lives when Debb is responsible for them. All this while she maintains a full time job to keep her own roof over her house and the bills paid.


 AAO is a non profit licensed 501(C) organization, which means your donation is tax deductible.  Money is always needed to help feed, vet and house the canine guests.  We are a no kill shelter and are willing to wait for every dog possible to have their chance at a happy life. 

Thanks to great people, she has been able to find homes for a deaf blind great dane, dogs that have only known a kennel as home all their lives,  handicapped animals and as in the case of the beautiful golden retriever, a victim of a cruel act of violence- shot in the chest!  Over the 20 plus years, she has found over 7,000 animals loving homes.

Please help her and her volunteers continue this work by adopting or contributing money, medicine,towels, toys, whatever you can!

With the help of volunteers, foster care and a veterinarian support, AAO has been helping.  But we aren't there yet.

Goals for AAO

As the years went along, the rescue grew from a doghouse to a whole kennel of ten pens with runs and shelter.  Our goal is to make life better for the residents of AAO by building a shelter that will keep them cool in the blazing Midwest summers and warm in the coldest winter weather.  Unfortunately, all the money we collect from adoption goes to the food, care and transportation of the rescue. Our goal is to collect enough donations that we can provide the best care year around.